Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Biase, Anita. Your U.S. Citizenship Guide: What You Need to Know to Pass Your U.S. Citizenship Test with Companion CD-ROM

Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. 2008. 288p. bibliog.. index. ISBN 978-1-60138-135-4. $24.95.

This is a very useful publication for individuals thinking about, beginning, or completing U. S. naturalization, the process of becoming a United States citizen. Here Blaise (freelance writer; former teacher and author of a story in Chicken Soup for the Souls of Mothers and Sons) divides her book into three parts that are intended to make the oftentimes daunting, overwhelming, and lengthy process of naturalization seem less intimidating, simple, and achievable. In Part 1, she guides readers through what they need to know to become U.S. citizens and explains the processes they will have to complete to achieve citizenship. Blaise covers the definition of a citizen and explains the various types of applicants for citizenship. She discusses eligibility requirements as well as methods for obtaining a green card. She examines the application for citizenship (Form N-400), the citizenship test, the interview before an immigration official, and what happens after the interview. In Part 2, Blaise provides a study guide to the citizenship test, including chapters on American history and government, English- language skills, the U.S. Constitution, and the New Citizenship exam. In her final chapter of Part 2, the author presents case studies of individuals who successfully became U. S. Citizens. Blaise’s book also consists of nine appendices, a selective bibliography, glossary, and back- of- the book index as well as a companion CD-ROM that features the Form N-400 (Application for naturalization) with instructions, a 10-minute multimedia presentation on the naturalization process, naturalization guides, study materials, and more. Featuring many supplementary resources, the appendices and CD-ROM nicely complement and enhance the text. While not necessarily a definitive work, this well- organized, concisely- and clearly- presented publication belongs in most public libraries and many school libraries. Recommended-C. A. Lajos