Monday, September 6, 2010

Burnett, John and Carroll, Becky. How Marketing Can Help Lawyers Make More Money: Targeted at Solo and Mid-sized Practices. (Book Review)

Outskirts Press, Inc.. 2010. c.235p. illus. ISBN 978-1-4327-4579-0. $35.95. ISBN 1432745794 (e-Book). $5.00.

Strategic marketing may not be highly regarded by many law firms. Yet, in today’s brutally competitive marketplace, strategic marketing may be crucial to survival and prosperity. This reality may be particularly true for solo and mid- sized law firms that neither have the resources nor the motivation to learn and implement strategic marketing. In this noteworthy publication, Burnett (President, John Burnett Marketing; Professor Emeritus, Marketing, University of Denver; author of twenty books on marketing- related topics and sixty- five journal articles; Doctor of Business Administration, Marketing, University of Kentucky, 1976), a consultant specializing in strategic marketing for small to medium- sized, businesses, non- profit organizations, and law firms, and Carroll (Community Manager, Verizon, San Diego, California; Founder and President, Petra Consulting Group/Customers Rock!; author of the business blog Customers Rock!; Instructor, “Marketing via New Media,” University of California, San Diego; M.B.A., California State University), a long- time customer advocate, consultant, speaker, and more, provide a comprehensive examination of strategic marketing for solo and mid- sized law practices. In twelve chapters, they cover all topics relating to strategic marketing, including but not limited to, marketing planning and research, situational analysis, S.W.O.T., target market(s), clients and their decision- making processes, legal products, pricing in the legal sector, distribution channels, integrated marketing communications, personal selling for lawyers, social media marketing, budgeting for legal marketing, and evaluation of strategic marketing and marketing initiatives. Written by experts, this book is authoritative, intelligently- conceived, and reasonably well- presented, even though it lacks a selected bibliography, footnotes or endnotes, a back-of-the book index, and a glossary, all of which should have been included as necessary aids for readers. It features many diagrams that help to illustrate and augment the text. Of interest to mostly lawyers, legal marketers, and some business professionals, this informative, go- to resource belongs in some public and special library book collections serving the needs of the aforementioned groups. Highly recommended. Review copy. Availability:, Barnes &, Outskirts Press (eBook)