Sunday, December 12, 2010

Connellan, Tom. The 1% Solution for Work and Life: How to Make Your Next 30 Days the Best Ever.

Peak Performance Press, Inc.. Dec. 2010. c157p. illus. ISBN 978-0-9769506-2-2. $19.95.

Ever wonder how you can boost your performance, make your job and/or life better, become more successful, and/or ultimately happier? Winners of all kinds understand the power of 1 percent. In the case of Olympic athletes, 1 percent distinguishes the “exceptionally exceptional” from the “exceptional” competitors, the medal winners from the non-medal winners, whereas for the average person, it may seem more elusive. (p. 9) In this publication, based upon his own research and that of others, Connellan (Ph.D.; author of Bringing Out the Best in Others!), a former Program Director, company founder and CEO, as well as best selling author of ten books and numerous journal articles, sets forth what 1 percent means for an ordinary person, someone who can not be 100 percent better than everyone but can be 1 percent better at 100s of things if (s)he commits to improving. (pp. 9-10) In seven chapters that function as a call to action as well as a comprehensive plan for achieving results, the author retells the story of Ken, an average person, who reaches a turning point in his life after observing how his son’s soccer coach Jim was able to improve his son’s soccer team. Ken discusses the turnaround with Jim, who then sends him to learn from five successful 1 percenters-- a sales executive, college physics professor, prominent business owner, practicing psychologist, and former Olympic tri-athlete. These noteworthy individuals impart to Ken (and readers) their secrets, thereby providing him (and readers) with the knowledge and tools that he (and readers) needs to succeed. Packed with much useful and wise advice as well as many actionable ideas, derived from solid research in the social sciences and sciences, this inspirational, self-help guide, presented in the form of a story, will show readers how to power up and keep going at permanently higher levels in just thirty days. Of interest to anyone who wants more from work and life, it is highly recommended for all readers and most public library collections, even though it lacks a selected bibliography, footnotes/endnotes, and an index, all of which would have augmented the story and assisted readers.
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